Dating can be challenging, especially if you have been diagnosed with herpes. Thankfully, we are here to help you out along your journey to finding that special someone. You might be surprised to discover that there are plenty of options for people who are dating with herpes, including a plethora of herpes dating websites. Some of the most popular of these websites are and However, there are tons of other unique dating options available depending on your preferences and your diagnosis. Continue reading to uncover the top five reasons why you should join a herpes dating website if you are dating with herpes

  1. Meet New People Without Judgement

One of the biggest perks of joining a herpes dating site is that it allows you to meet new people without facing judgment. It is estimated that over 195 million people in the United States are living with some form of herpes. By joining a herpes dating website, you will have the chance to connect with one of these singles who will support you and not judge you for your positive diagnosis.

  • Provides a Platform for a Normal Dating Experience

Joining a herpes dating website can provide a normal dating experience for those who are living with this common virus. Herpes dating sites are easy to use, and you will be amazed at the supportive communities you will connect with when you join! All you have to do is spark up a conversation, set up a date, and you will be all set to make lasting memories with someone new.

  • Prevents Against Transmitting Herpes to Your Partner

Herpes dating websites provide a platform for people with herpes to date without the worry of potentially spreading the virus to their partner. Instead of having to worry about herpes transmission, you can simply concentrate on finding someone special without the stress of being specific with your health status, since it is already noted on your dating profile.

  • Eliminates the Need for Discussing Your Diagnosis

Another benefit of joining a herpes dating website is that it eliminates the need for discussing your herpes status with your partner, since it is already on your profile. We all know that this can be a difficult and awkward conversation to have to someone who is not living with the virus. However, when you choose to join a herpes dating website, it doesn’t have to be an awkward point in your relationship!

  • Increases the Chances of You Finding Your Special Someone

Many people living with herpes have reported that they have been able to have healthy, happy long-term relationships after finding that special someone with the same condition. Herpes dating websites also offer a more personal and relaxed environment to meet people in the herpes community, giving you the opportunity to create deeper relationships on a personal level.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should join a herpes dating website if you are dating with herpes. These incredible websites provide a healthy platform for meeting individuals who share your diagnosis. In addition to this, joining a herpes dating website can help you form supportive connections and friendships that can last a lifetime.

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